Committee for Accountable Government Ends First Ad Run With Call to Oust Incumbents

January 12th, 2016

Committee for Accountable Government in Missouri continues work to make the State House more pro-growth and worker friendly.

(JEFFERSON CITY) – The Committee for Accountable Government in Missouri has concluded its first run of a series of ads targeting anti-growth, anti-worker Republican members of the House with an announcement that its campaign will soon continue and will additionally expand to candidate support in those state representative seats.

The Committee announced that its advertising campaign had just begun, and that in addition it will turn attention to supporting pro-growth, worker-friendly candidates to take on these remaining incumbents.  Filing for state representative seats begins on February 23 and lasts until March 29, 2016 in Jefferson City.

In December, the campaign made good on its promise to hold a group of twenty Republican state representatives accountable for selling Missouri out to labor unions and lobbyists when they opposed pro-growth policies such as this year’s effort to enact ‘Right to Work’ legislation.

“We expect our Republican elected officials to do what’s right and support worker-friendly, pro-growth,  pro-jobs legislation,” said Brandon Moody, a spokesperson for the Committee. “Elections have consequences and we will do what we can to hold these representatives accountable. To that end, we call on pro-business conservative leaders with the courage to do what’s right to stand up and run for office against these anti-growth politicians.”

Moody also noted that the betrayal went to the Presidential level as Hillary Clinton praised these 20 Republicans for siding with Big Labor Unions and the Democrat Governor. What’s worse, Labor Unions spend millions of dollars each year trying to defeat Republicans in Missouri.

“Republican voters ought to be asking themselves if it’s acceptable that their elected Representative has sided with Big Labor  – a group who has opposed virtually every GOP candidate and cause in Missouri,” he said.

The Committee’s initial effort included television, radio, digital and outdoor advertising in targeted districts where these legislators sided with Democrat Governor Jay Nixon and against their 90 plus Republican colleagues. Since the beginning of the initial round of advertising from the committee, two targeted representatives, Rep. Dave Hinson, and Rep. Ron Hicks, have thrown in the towel and announced that they will not seek re-election and not face voters at the ballot box.

“We will work with any willing groups to identify and support candidates who are pro-worker and support job growth in this state,” said Moody. “We are committed to supporting the best and brightest candidates through this process.”

The Committee for Accountable Government in Missouri targeted twenty state legislators who opposed Right to Work legislation with advertising that began in mid-December and raised over $1 million for the campaign to date.  Learn more at