Committee for Accountable Government Announces Second Round of Advertising Targeting Anti-Growth GOP Incumbents

February 12th, 2016

(Jefferson City) – The Committee for Accountable Government in Missouri today announced its second round of advertising targeting anti-growth, anti-worker Republican members of the Missouri House.

The advertising campaign continues to build upon the theme of its first round of ads informing voters that their Republican legislators are bought and paid for by liberal Unions and lobbyists.

The advertising, constituting a significant buy on both cable television and digital outlets, will ask voters – specifically Republican primary voters – whether their representative is on their side or just a labor union lackey?

“Hillary Clinton praised them for siding with Labor Unions. They have all taken labor’s money. And last week, Big Labor donated $30,000 to liberal Democrat Chris Koster’s gubernatorial bid. So voters really should ask themselves if they can trust a Republican Representative who has those kinds of close friends,” said Brandon Moody a spokesman for the Committee.

Moody noted that the timing of the ads was significant leading up to the February filing deadline as the Committee has previously encouraged pro-growth, pro-jobs candidates to run against these members and hold them accountable.

“We expect our Representatives to do what’s right,” he said. “We believe that voters will hold them accountable at the ballot box come primary day and we intend to help inform them of the facts as their campaigns progress.”

Two of the Committees original targets have already announced they will not seek reelection.

The Committee also announced that it would expand its reach beyond right to work to include pro-growth policies like judicial retention, judicial appointments and lawsuit reform in future efforts.

Here are the Big Labor Loyal legislators targeted in the ads: Becky Ruth, Shane Roden, Jeanie Lauer, Bill Kidd, Kevin Engler, Kevin Corlew, Nick King, Bart Korman, Anne Zerr, Chrissy Sommer, Kathie Conway, and Sheila Solon.

Links to two sample ads may be found here:

Anne Zerr

Becky Ruth and Shane Roden